Makeup tips?

For all high school girls, I say highschool girls because I think that girls should start wearing make up when they get to high school, But if you want to start before you go to high school then who am I to stop you. I taught myself to how to put on makeup actually, since my mom doesn’t really wear makeup. For those that don’t want a tutorial from their parents or aren’t confident even to just try to teach yourself here are some tips for applying make up, so you don’t look a hot mess.  If you don’t know where to apply these make up utensils then I would suggest just watching a youtube tutorial.


For mascara:

  • Clamp an eyelash curler at the root of your upper lashes and hold for five seconds. Repeat on the middle of lashes and again near the tips.

• To go to great lengths, place curler along the upper lashline. In a slow, even motion, go from roots to tips.

• For thickness, hold brush as close as possible to base of lashes, and wiggle it as you move it up through lashes. (This motion helps get every lash.) Let mascara dry for ten seconds, then replace brush at lash base, and wiggle again as you move up the lashes.


For eyeliner:

Applying eyeliner is a tricky task, but getting a straight line is worth your time.

1. Stand 6 inches away from a mirror and tilt your chin up, so that when you look down your nose into the mirror, you can see your entire eyelid.

2. Dab concealer or dust translucent powder on your upper lids. Blend well with a sponge or lightly pat with a fingertip to cover veins and prevent creasing.

3. Before applying liner, determine your eye shape. If eyes are close-set or round, line only the outer corners. Otherwise, rim the entire upper lid.

4. Soften the pencil top by rolling it between your fingers.

5. Gently pull your eyelid taut at an upward angle. Beginning at the inner corner, draw small, connected dashes along the top lashes. Be sure to stay close to the roots so there is no skin visible between the lashes and the liner. To make eyes look bigger, extend the liner slightly beyond the outer corners.

6. Brush a matching powder shadow on top of the liner to keep it from rubbing off.

7. Soften the line with a sponge tip or cotton swab by rubbing it slightly up and out at the corners.

8. Use a cotton swab to fix mistakes. For larger messes, dip it in makeup remover.


More tips: click here


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