Going to the gym?

Did you want to start making a habit of going to the gym but don’t know what you need to prep yourself? Here are a few tips for you.


  • Stay HYDRATED!
  • Wear Comfortable Clothes
  • Bring music to either motivate you or relax you even more
  • Bring a friend, who wants to go to the gym alone
  • Ask Questions if you are confused about how to use any of the equipment there. 


Now that you’re prepared and have already worked out do you feeling relief or do you feel even more tense than before? Well it could be because you have used certain machines.

1. AVOID: The seated leg extension. 

2. AVOID: The seated chest fly.

3. AVOID: The seated hip abductor. 

4. AVOID: The seated shoulder press. 

5. AVOID: Any abdominal machine. 

6. AVOID: Abusing the treadmill.


To know why it is suggested to avoid these exercise machines and have some alternative mechanisms instead of using those machines, go here


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