Goodbyes are hard enough

Hard work pays off, this saying can be perceived in many ways. One way this saying is perceived is by the employee getting a raise or a promotion. Another way this can be viewed is that usually when you work on a task really hard and put your full effort into it and usually someone gives you praise or recognizes it. An example of someone recognizing someone’s work is this event that happened in the Netherlands. This man Mario (his last name was not disclosed), he was a zoo worker for Giraffes mostly. He was currently dying from cancer and his last wish was to see his animals that he has been taking care of for years. When visiting the Giraffes, a Giraffe leaned in and gave the zoo worker a kiss! It was as if the Giraffe was recognizing the Zoo worker for his hard work over the years and knew that he was dying.I think for that zoo worker that would be how “Hard work pays off” is perceived.

to watch this video click here


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