The internet is dangerous?

We now live in a world where technology progresses everyday or at least every once in a while. It seems like the normal thing to be on a computer or so immersed in your smartphone but did your parent/guardian ever give you the safety guidelines of the internet? Sorry to break it to you, the internet is not always filled with rainbows and sunshines, there is spam on the internet, viruses, creeps and even more. Here are some tips to keep you, and your computer or device safe: buy a virus protector (ex: Macfee, Norton etc) they really do work to protector your computer, as for your smart device you can’t really install a cd virus disk on it, so just be cautious of what you go on. Another tip is to not believe the pop up ads claiming that you have won 1,000$ or hot singles are waiting to meet to you, chances are they’re trying to get your credit card information and hack into your device and sadly, hot singles are not waiting for you, the creators of the site are waiting on you to be a sucker and fall for their spam. Third beware of your location settings, it might be cool to update where you’re at every second of the day, just make sure you have friends that you have known and actually physically seen that you follow on social media sites. Fourth, don’t give out your personal information, people will promise you anything to get details of your life. I’m not saying be scared of every little thing that is on the internet, just be cautious and safe!


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