Going on a trip?

Well after packing your bags for your vacation or road trip, there are other subjects to consider while traveling. Think about the gas, how much time you think you’re gonna take to get there, and motion sickness. Save up for big trips so you can always have extra money for souvenirs, and bring games or think of some to create while being on the trip, can’t have people dying of boredom. If you can’t help but get some symptoms of motion sickness, whether you’re in a car, plane, train, boat etc. I can give you some tips to try to control them. First you can take some over the counter medicine, labeled to help with motion sickness. Second if you have motion sickness and are vomiting, grab a bag or stand close to a restroom and you need to keep your body hydrated so drinks lots of liquids and some liquids filled with electrolytes (ex: Gatorade, Powerade etc). Thirdly, distract yourself, the less your body can detect that your senses are not aligned or in sync at the moment, the better!


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