plants and animals

Imagine, you’re on a stroll through the neighbor or at the beach with your pet, taking in the heat or the rapid winds, Do you ever notice that he/she is eating grass, this behavior is more common in dogs/cats actually. Eating some grass is practically harmless to the dog, but eating grass very often & vomiting after is not normal. Usually dogs eat grass because they’re bored, they’re trying improve digestion, trying to fill some nutrition or they could possibly have the eating disorder Pica. Pica is defined as pets that eat things even though they’re not food.  Your dog may also move on to eating plants, those same reasons apply. There are certain types of plants that are toxic to dogs and some that are not; some toxic plants are: Aloe, African wonder tree, American yew, Daisy, Daffodil…Non toxic plants: Dwarf royal palm, Dwarf Palm and the list contiues. Click here to find out how to keep your cat or horse safe from toxic plants as well. 


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