Are you always catching yourself lounging around the house checking social media sites? Such as: Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr, Blogger, Vine, and etc. Do you realize that you tweet too much? or reblog too many pictures on tumblr or are checking facebook for no absolute reason? Not only are you addicted, you are in denial! Just Kidding. There’s probably no real addiction to social media sites but we feel the need to depend on it often. Do you know that there are actually negative and positive effects on children who use social media?

It can cause anxiety, thinking about conversing in real life. Let’s think about it, if you’re consumed to your computer 24/7 and have great online conversations, what is the difference between that and conversing in real life. There’s a huge difference for one, you won’t be behind a computer screen so the person you’re talking to can see your facial expression, YIKES.

Social media adds onto the many ways people can procrastinate and effect the quality of your work. If you’re trying to write an essay while on Facebook, 9 times out of 10 people would keep scrolling down Facebook while the hours passed by.

Want to know some good and more bad ways social media effects you?


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