Everyone’s favorite topic, or maybe it’s just mine.

This post’s topic is food! (which is really my favorite btw)

When at restaurants do you ever research the foods you eat, or the food at home in the fridge? There are tons of information on nutrition and individual foods so you can be in control in what you’re consuming and what effect it can have on your body. Do you love diary products and other “American” Foods? Well most of these beloved foods contain a lot of acid which is not good for your liver, it can actually damage it or your kidney and other health issues can occur if one does consume too much acid. Some foods that contain the least acid are: 

  1. Olive oil (neutral)
  2. Low-fat yogurt
  3. Whole milk
  4. Butter
  5. Lentils, boiled
  6. White bread
  7. Whole-wheat cooked spaghetti
  8. Plain bagel
  9. Peanuts, dry-roasted
  10. Walnuts


There are foods that you can eat to prevent your acid level overflow, which is the chemical Alkaline and help support organ health!

  1. Draft beer (most neutral)
  2. Honey
  3. Asparagus
  4. Margarine
  5. White wine
  6. Broccoli
  7. Marmalade
  8. Mineral water
  9. Watermelon
  10. Apples

still curious?




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