Are you mad or not?

When I ask that question I actually mean it. When people get angry they start to think irrationally sometimes, and start to keep their anger bundled up or release it in unhealthy ways such as, punching a wall, or objects, things like that. Everyone gets angry, it is normal to have that emotion, how you handle it is a different factor though. When getting angry you can calm down and try to take a 20 second breather,or scream into your pillow just to calm yourself down or you can walk away from the current situation to restrain yourself from lashing out at others. Other effect ways of releasing your anger it so channel it to something like sports, drawing, writing, you can probably make your anger useful.With people that have constant anger that burdens your life you need to try to understand where the root of this anger its coming from and try to fix it with either help of a trained psychologist or psychiatrist (if needed.)


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