But darling it’s cold outside!

Although it’s cold outside and your school is possibly closed you need to stay in warm! Have you ever heard of the term hypothermia? Hypothermia is defined as a medical condition when your body temperature drops dangerously low, your body cannot fully function under these conditions and eventually leads to death if you’re still in these cold conditions. Hypothermia can start off as mild and can increase to severe. To avoid the risk of getting Hypothermia and frostbite is to stay warm. A couple of ways to stay warm are to dress in layers, layers of clothes that is and when you get warm you can just take off a layer. Another way to stay warm is to keep warm the most sensitive parts of your body, meaning that heat escapes from these parts of your body; like your ears, your fingers and toes, and keeping your head warm. One other way to stay warm during the cold it is drink warm beverages and hot meals, it’s easier for you to lose your body’s water because you are breathing hard and heavier. Pay attention to your body language when outside, it’s usually trying to tell you something!

– Taiesha 🙂


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